JEIS’s Diverse Solutions,
backed by advanced technical expertise.

Enhancing the convenience of services at stations and around town. Achieving reliable train operation.

Supporting businesses across many different sectors. Providing robust infrastructure.

We realize system development and operation in diverse fields that can respond to a wide array of everyday needs.

  • Suica and Station Services Solutions

    We realize affluent lifestyles in many corners of daily life, especially train stations.

  • Railway Business Solutions

    We use the power of ICT to support the rail service operator mission of providing safety and assurance 24 hours a day, every day.

  • Lifestyle and Enterprise
    Services Solutions

    We support the business operations of a wide variety of clients, including station buildings, convenience stores, hospitals, and offices.

  • System Infrastructure

    We provide the system infrastructure that serves as the foundation for social infrastructure such as railway and Suica operations.

  • Innovative Solution

    We are supporting four solutions to strengthen our commitment to “technology” as the driving force of our transformation.