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JR East Japan Information Systems Company (JEIS) is the information communication technology service provider for JR East Japan Railway, and since celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2009, the company has sought to develop infrastructure for an information society, enhance the capacity of its employees, and improve the level of system development and operations under the 2012 Medium-Term Business Plan.

During fiscal 2012, JEIS successfully launched new services, including the opening of new data centers and the introduction of new Japan-wide interoperable public transportation smart cards.

In recent years, information communications technology has made remarkable progress. We have witnessed technological platform innovation in which servers have become the cloud and smartphones and tablets have become mainstream devices. We have now entered a new era where big data is utilized.

JEIS will provide new information services by leveraging cutting-edge technology, while also striving to implement reliable system operation, which is vital to the development and operation of the public transportation infrastructure.

More specifically, led by the Second Medium-Term Business Plan-Advancement as ICT Professionals-we will pursue an extensive range of initiatives. In doing so, we will focus on the three goals of accomplishing system replacement and the Shinkansen project, providing new services by leveraging the latest information communication technology and providing high quality services as ICT professionals.

The year 2014 will mark JEIS's 25th anniversary. JEIS is determined to continue moving forward with its mission as an ICT service provider for JR East Japan Railway.

April 2013

Company Mission Statement and Action Guidelines

Company Mission Statement

As the technology organization supporting the information and communications technology of JR East and its group companies, we will continuously strive to study and grow so that we can achieve the safety and security sought by our customers, take on challenges in new fields, and contribute to the creation of a prosperous society.

Action Guidelines
  • We will make full use of our technologies and maximize customer satisfaction.
  • We will properly learn new technologies and develop optimal systems for our clients.
  • We will take the initiative in devising and promoting new work approaches, and thereby increase company reliability.
  • We will continuously devote ourselves to study and thereby achieve sustained growth.
  • We will faithfully nurture our human resources, and create a workplace in which people work together with energy and high spirits.


The new logo expresses the study, challenge, and growth concepts embodied in the new Company Mission Statement.

(1)Logo font and color

The logo's strong font embodies the concepts of challenge and growth; to embody the concept of diligent study, the color blue was adopted because it communicates feelings of vastness and intellect.


The presenting of the "i" of "information" in a motif reminiscent of human form is meant to embody the idea of employees playing the starring role in leading the company and customers, and also the idea of full and prosperous lives being realized by employees and their families.

Second Medium-Term Business Plan - Advancement as ICT Professionals -

Information communication technology and the social trends surrounding us continue to change at a rapid pace and have undergone significant change since the formulation of the 2012 Medium-Term Business Plan.

In light of this, we developed three policies with the aim of driving the sophistication of our information communication technology, encouraging every employee to act independently and responsibly, and swiftly adapting to both internal and external environmental changes.


I Accomplishing system replacement and the Shinkansen project
II Providing new services by leveraging the latest information communication technology
III Providing high quality services as ICT professionals