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 JR East Information Systems Company (JEIS) was established as the information systems company of East Japan Railway Company in 1989. We celebrated our 25th anniversary in November 2014 and thus stepped forward into our second quarter century. One and a half years later, in July 2016, we completed the first of a series of relocations oriented toward integrating our head office functions, something that has been a long-cherished dream of ours. Having arrived at this significant juncture, we view 2016 as the “year of our second establishment.” All of us at JEIS will not slacken the pace as we continue to move forward single-mindedly toward building a company that is valued and trusted by its customers.

 At the present time JEIS develops and operates more than 200 systems covering a wide range of functions and maintains associated hardware and networks. In the last few years in particular we have proceeded with an intensive, company-wide undertaking to replace a large number of large-scale systems. These systems are related to projects to open the Hokuriku and Hokkaido Shinkansen lines, conventional railroads, Suica and View Card operations, and all other aspects of business management. As a result we have achieved the ability to provide services capable of meeting our customers’ expectations.

 On the other hand, IOT, AI, and other forms of ICT are evolving at a phenomenal pace as a result of innovations in technology infrastructure that include cloud technology and new devices. Consequently, we must meet the increasingly sophisticated and diverse demands of our customers by precisely addressing the needs of the times as they arise. This is precisely why we have resolved in our “2018 Medium-Term Business Plan: Realizing Solutions that meet our Customers’ Expectations,” which started this year, to be a company that takes a true “customer comes first” attitude and in which each and every employee grows and displays exuberant ambition.

 In this way, we will continue executing our mission as the technology organization supporting the ICT of the JR East Group with tireless and relentless attention to self-improvement.

July 2016

Company Mission Statement and Action Guidelines

Company Mission Statement

As the technology organization supporting the information and communications technology of JR East and its group companies, we will continuously strive to study and grow so that we can achieve the safety and security sought by our customers, take on challenges in new fields, and contribute to the creation of a prosperous society.

Action Guidelines
  • We will make full use of our technologies and maximize customer satisfaction.
  • We will properly learn new technologies and develop optimal systems for our clients.
  • We will take the initiative in devising and promoting new work approaches, and thereby increase company reliability.
  • We will continuously devote ourselves to study and thereby achieve sustained growth.
  • We will faithfully nurture our human resources, and create a workplace in which people work together with energy and high spirits.


The new logo expresses the study, challenge, and growth concepts embodied in the new Company Mission Statement.

(1)Logo font and color

The logo's strong font embodies the concepts of challenge and growth; to embody the concept of diligent study, the color blue was adopted because it communicates feelings of vastness and intellect.


The presenting of the "i" of "information" in a motif reminiscent of human form is meant to embody the idea of employees playing the starring role in leading the company and customers, and also the idea of full and prosperous lives being realized by employees and their families.

2018 Medium-Term Business Plan -Delivering solutions that meet customers’ expectations-

We established four Basic Policies to promote diverse initiatives that take into account increasingly sophisticated customer demands vis-à-vis system functions and costs, ICT trends and social circumstances, and our own business environment, and to strengthen our contribution to JR East and its group companies.

Basic Policies

I Raising our customers’ satisfaction by providing safety and security
II Supporting business development and the implementation of new policies by our customers
III Raising business productivity
IV Enhancing the development and motivation of each employee

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